Java Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

New release 1.4.2 fixes some XSD bugs and introduces CSV output

New version of JFCM is out: 1.4.2 Here is the changelog from previous version: Release 1.4.2 fixed XSD: moved CAUCHY, GAUSS, INTERVAL, LINEAR, NARY activator enum to JFCM-map-v-1.2.xsd FcmRunner: added method to FcmRunner interface: void run(); introduced BaseFcmRunner to ease development of subclasses; added CSV output functionality to SimpleFcmRunner changed format of README from Textile to Markdown Download of binaries and source code As always, releases are available from Sourceforge: Read more →

JFCM Code has moved to GitHub!

Hello JFCM users, I was finally able to migrate from SVN to GIT, and to move code from SourceForge to GitHub. Unfortunately the “Import from SVN” script of GitHub is not perfect, so I decided to upload the current code, as-is. This unfortunately means that code history is broken, so if, for whatever reason, you’re interested in how the code evolved, you must still reference SourceForge SVN repository: https://sourceforge.net/p/jfcm/code/HEAD/tree/ The address of the new repository is: Read more →

New release: 1.4.1 - bugfixes

Version 1.4.1 is out, it contains these fixes: fixed bug in FcmIO.saveAsXml(): wrong schema version in XML output, uses 1.1 but should be 1.2; Refactored FcmIO.saveAsXml() to ToXmlVisitor.java Read more →

Version 1.4.0 is out - new definitive package structure

As already announced before, versions from 1.4.x on will have a new package structure: moved ConceptActivator and FcmConncetion implementations in sub-packages: org.megadix.jfcm.act : ConceptActivator implementations; org.megadix.jfcm.conn : FcmConnection implementations; Moreover, Visitor design pattern was implemented to ease the development of serializers (XML, JSON, etc.), map analyzers, etc. Read more →

New release 1.3.3 with new features, plus new 1.4-SNAPSHOT

Release 1.3.3 CognitiveMap.reset(): do not set output or fixedOutput if fixedOutput true Concept.startUpdate(): bugfix if conceptActivator == null; FcmIO.loadXml(String filename); fixed comment in BaseConceptActivator Implemented CognitiveMap.description: CognitiveMap: added description property; FcmIO: load / save Concept activator: bug fixes and enhancements; new ConceptActivator implementations! CauchyActivator; GaussianActivator; IntervalActivator; NaryActivator; updated XSD and namespace: http://www.megadix.org/standards/JFCM-map-v-1.2.xsd pull up checkValues() method to AbstractConceptActivatorTest; Concept.setFixedOutput(): changed Boolean (Object, may be null) to boolean (native, never null) better toString() methods: CognitiveMap, Concept, WeightedConnection. Read more →