JFCM - Java Fuzzy Cognitive Maps


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The concept of activation function has been borrowed from neural networks. Basically, it is a function that calculates the output of a concept based on its inputs, usually on the total sum. JFCM implements many of the most used activation functions found in literature, below we can see the activation charts of them.

Class Chart Notes
CauchyActivator Chart of CauchyActivator activator  
GaussianActivator Chart of GaussianActivator activator  
HyperbolicTangentActivator Chart of HyperbolicTangentActivator activator  
IntervalActivator Chart of IntervalActivator activator  
LinearActivator Chart of LinearActivator activator  
NaryActivator Chart of NaryActivator activator  
SigmoidActivator Chart of SigmoidActivator activator  
SignumActivator Chart of SignumActivator activator