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New Release 1.2 - bugfixes and new features

New version 1.2 is out, with some great new features like time-delay in WeightedConnection. Here's the list of fixes/enhancements:

Bugfix version 1.1.1

 New version 1.1.1 fixes several bugs in 1.1.0:

  • #1 XML specification enhancements;
  • #3 Example XML files should have namespace location
  • #4 WeightedConnection.calculateOutput() throws NullPointerException
  • #5 better CognitiveMap.toString()
  • #6 Upgrade dependency commons-lang to 3.x
  • #10 Use constants for ConceptActivator
  • #11 Add support for LinearActivator in FcmIo

Other changes:

New version 1.1.0 is out with lots of bugfixes and improvements

This release ha both improvements and bugfixes:

CogTrust interview - English

CogTrust is a research project that uses JFCM for the "intelligent" part of its model. It is an example of how multi-disciplinarity and the use of available open source technologies can bring great results and enhancements to the tools themselves.

Reading their answers, as developer and "dad" of JFCM I felt really proud, but the most important thing is that I cannot wait to get my hands on JFCM code again because I'm full of new ideas!

About 1.0-SNAPSHOT, 2.0-SNAPSHOT, and branching

Dear users, I want to share with you some thought about the latest developments in JFCM library.

Recently i started a huge refactoring to the core library, refactoring that will (hopefully) make JFCM more generic and transform it to something like a "standard API" for fuzzy cognitive maps. I know this sounds a bit optimistic, but I think we're not so far from this; JFCM was designed from the beginning to be as general, extensible, and flexible as possible, this re-design is just going further in that direction.

Intervista CogTrust (Italiano)

CogTrust è un progetto di ricerca che utilizza JFCM per la parte "intelligente" del loro modello, e rappresenta uno degli esempi di come, con la multi-disciplinarietà e l'utilizzo di strumenti e tecnologie esistenti open source, si possano ottenere grandi risultati, contribuendo al miglioramento degli strumenti stessi.

CogTrust project uses JFCM

 Cog-Trust is an interesting project that mixes sociology, artificial intelligence and information technology to provide an environment where different delegation strategies can be tested and analyzed using software agents.

We have planned an interview with the authors, in the mean time don't miss the (very informative) project's website:

Initial jfcm-jfuzzylogic commit

Great news: the experimental module jfcm-jfuzzylogic has been committed to SVN, enabling JFCM to use fuzzy rules to activate Concepts.

The fuzzy inference engine is provided by jFuzzyLogic, a great LGPL fuzzy library that provides:

New Release: 1.0.5

A new version is out:

This is mainly a bugfix version:

Work in progress / adding Fuzzy Logic to JFCM

Main development

Recently I was able to work on a more regular basis on JFCM-core, so I could start fixing the most important bugs. You can see it also from the increased number of SVN commits, mainly on JFCM-core module.