JFCM - Java Fuzzy Cognitive Maps


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New version 1.0.4 is out, update is STRONGLY recommended!

I had the time to finally fix the most important bug in JFCM.

In short: calculation of concept outputs, up to version 1.0.3, was incorrect!

Now BaseConceptActivator.activate() uses a two steps algorithm:

  • recalculates incoming connections' output;
  • calculates Concept's output.

Go download it!


JFCM-samples is out!

Finally I had time to commit a side project of JFCM, which is "JFCM-samples". It is a simple Maven project with code examples for JFCM-core, here is the SVN browser link:



To checkout instead use this URL:




New version 1.0.3 and project info

A new version has been released today: 1.0.3

It is a bugfix release, but many non-visible enhancements have bben carried out to source code:

Updated documentation

"Your first fuzzy cognitive map" page has been updated with examples on how loading maps stored in XML files.

Requirements page instead has some information on internal data structures used by JFCM, so algorithm enthusiasts will be happy!

New release: 1.0.2

Many news today:

  • new release: 1.0.2
  • new website and hosting provider;
  • some documentation added.

Go download it!