Java Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

New release 1.3.3 with new features, plus new 1.4-SNAPSHOT

Release 1.3.3

  • CognitiveMap.reset(): do not set output or fixedOutput if fixedOutput true
  • Concept.startUpdate(): bugfix if conceptActivator == null;
  • FcmIO.loadXml(String filename);
  • fixed comment in BaseConceptActivator
  • Implemented CognitiveMap.description:
    • CognitiveMap: added description property;
    • FcmIO: load / save
  • Concept activator:
  • pull up checkValues() method to AbstractConceptActivatorTest;
    • Concept.setFixedOutput(): changed Boolean (Object, may be null) to boolean (native, never null)
  • better toString() methods: CognitiveMap, Concept, WeightedConnection.

Go grab your copy and experiment!

Release 1.4-SNAPSHOT breaks (a bit) compilability

This new 1.4.x branch is going to be a bit disruptive because of some changes in packages organization. This will break compilation of most users, but the transition is really easy because there are no (yet) changes to functionality:

  • moved ConceptActivator and FcmConncetion implementations in new sub-packages:
    • org.megadix.jfcm.act : ConceptActivator implementations;
    • org.megadix.jfcm.conn : FcmConnection implementations;