Java Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

New version 1.1.0 is out with lots of bugfixes and improvements

This release ha both improvements and bugfixes:

  • moved threshold to BaseConceptActivator;
  • bugfix: threshold was not used in transfer functions!
  • added LinearConceptActivator;
  • modification in XML format:
    • elements now enclosed in element;
    • XSD namespace fix
    • version 1.0 became http://www.megadix.org/standards/JFCM-map-v-1.0.xsd (added .xsd suffix)
    • version 1.1 (current): http://www.megadix.org/standards/JFCM-map-v-1.1.xsd
    • modification of FcmIO;
    • many new JUnit tests, both for modifications and bugfixes