Java Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

New release 1.3.3 with new features, plus new 1.4-SNAPSHOT

Release 1.3.3 CognitiveMap.reset(): do not set output or fixedOutput if fixedOutput true Concept.startUpdate(): bugfix if conceptActivator == null; FcmIO.loadXml(String filename); fixed comment in BaseConceptActivator Implemented CognitiveMap.description: CognitiveMap: added description property; FcmIO: load / save Concept activator: bug fixes and enhancements; new ConceptActivator implementations! CauchyActivator; GaussianActivator; IntervalActivator; NaryActivator; updated XSD and namespace: http://www.megadix.org/standards/JFCM-map-v-1.2.xsd pull up checkValues() method to AbstractConceptActivatorTest; Concept.setFixedOutput(): changed Boolean (Object, may be null) to boolean (native, never null) better toString() methods: CognitiveMap, Concept, WeightedConnection. Read more →

New version 1.3 brings important changes to calculation algorithms

Release 1.3 changelog: BaseConceptActivator.includePreviousOutput; change in output calculations: HyperbolicTangentActivator, LinearActivator, SigmoidActivator, SignumActivator include by default (includePreviousOutput = true) previous output in calculations; #17 Remove Jakarta Commons dependency, added StringUtils as substitute. What has changed in calculations and algorithms, and why Recently I’ve been in contact with Dr. Elpiniki I. Papageorgiou, I am so grateful to her because she gave me the opportunity to better understand theory of cognitive maps and learning algorithms, too! Read more →

New release bugfix release 1.3.2

Version 1.3.2 is out! bugfix to BaseConceptActivator.calculateNextOutput() on null or NaN inputs; SignumActivator: added SignumActivator.Mode enum: BIPOLAR (default) and BINARY; added zeroValue property, to let users customize value at zero input; update FcmIO to load and save SignumActivator.mode; Concept: implemented equals() / hashCode(); small fix to SimpleFcmRunner BaseConceptActivator: check threshold parameter; simpler and easier tests for concept activators. Read more →

New Release 1.2 - bugfixes and new features

New version 1.2 is out, with some great new features like time-delay in WeightedConnection. Here’s the list of fixes/enhancements: #12 map.execute() should really have two phases #13 Add method CognitiveMap.reset() that resets every Concept to null #14 Create a deep copy constructor on CognitiveMap #2 XML output from FcmIO.saveAsXml() should include namespace #15 Backport LinearConceptActivator from 2.0-SNAPSHOT #7 Backport time delay to WeightedConnection from 2.0-SNAPSHOT Read more →

Bugfix version 1.1.1

New version 1.1.1 fixes several bugs in 1.1.0: #1 XML specification enhancements; #3 Example XML files should have namespace location #4 WeightedConnection.calculateOutput() throws NullPointerException #5 better CognitiveMap.toString() #6 Upgrade dependency commons-lang to 3.x #10 Use constants for ConceptActivator #11 Add support for LinearActivator in FcmIo Other changes: removed year from copyright header in source files; renamed LinearConceptActivator to LinearActivator Read more →