Java Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

New release 1.4.2 fixes some XSD bugs and introduces CSV output

New version of JFCM is out: 1.4.2

Here is the changelog from previous version:

Release 1.4.2

  • fixed XSD:
    • moved CAUCHY, GAUSS, INTERVAL, LINEAR, NARY activator enum to JFCM-map-v-1.2.xsd
  • FcmRunner:
    • added method to FcmRunner interface: void run();
    • introduced BaseFcmRunner to ease development of subclasses;
    • added CSV output functionality to SimpleFcmRunner
  • changed format of README from Textile to Markdown

Download of binaries and source code

As always, releases are available from Sourceforge:


Source code instead has been moved to GitHub: